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Electro jazzy dub


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3 on stage + 2 technicians

Booking :

in agreement with Odeva and Green Castle

Created in 2016, armed with various influences, the trio evolves in an electro dub style with strong jazz and reggae influences. In 2018, 2 Ohms Load released a first digital EP "Bridge Connection", four drum 'n bass tracks tinged with reggae.


The opus, marked by the participation of Sir Jean (Meï Teï Sho, Le Pleuple de l'Herbe, JMPZ...) was born from this desire to push further this love of massive Loud Basses and slamming rhythms. We find bass lines reminiscent of Brain Damage, trumpets inspired by Truffaz, hip-hop vocals and the unique timbre of Sir Jean, all mixed at Paul's Boutique (Kaly Live Dub, Dub Addict).



Festival de la Paille, Ruff'Estival, Moulin de Brainans, Rock n' Troll Festival ... The trio also plays with the GrandVal Orchestra...



Winner of MyTremplin Made In Jura of the Jura Country, 2 Ohms Load is also supported by Le Moulin de Brainans

France 3 : #studio3

If you like High Tone, Kaly Live Dub, La Phaze, Brain Damage, Kanka, Molecule, Le Peuple de l'Herbe...


CONCERTS 2022-23

03 JUIN - MOREZ (39) Plein air, place de la Mairie
21 JUIN - LONS LE SAUNIER (39) Plein air, Centre ville
20 AOU - LAC DES ROUGES TRUITES (39) Black Mount Festival
27 AOU - PLANCHEZ EN MORVANS (58) Festival Pied au Planchez
01 OCT - MARNAY (70) Pôle culturel Anne Frank
18 NOV - DOLE (39) La Commanderie + Panda Dub + THK

13 MAI - COURVIERES (25) Chez Den's

14 MAI - COURVIERES (25) Chez Den's

17 JUIN - PIREY (25) Fête de la Musique

08 JUIL - BAUME LES DAMES (25) Kobold Festival


26 AVRIL - CHAMPAGNOLE VANNOZ (39) Le Cheval Blanc

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