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4 on stage + 2 technicians

Booking :

in agreement with Green Piste Records



Since 1998, after 10 studio albums and more than a thousand concerts, Les Tit' Nassels continue to offer the public their songs navigating between acerbic humor, melancholy and powerful social commentary.


An inattentive ear will always find some good words and catchy music to shake the head to the rhythm of effective melodies. But behind the window, Axl and Sophie don't forget to be authors, real people, poets with messages to convey, a vision of the world to defend even if it means hitting where it hurts, but with a smile.



With 9 albums (65,000 copies sold) and more than 1,000 concerts, the band celebrates its 20 year career with a tour revisiting some 20 titles from the first to the last album.



If you like Debout sur le Zinc, Les Ogres de Barback, As de Trèfle, Karpatt, Les Têtes Raides, Les Wriggles...



13/01 - Montmorillon (86) MJC Claude Nougaro
27/01 - Fraisanc (39) Les Forges de Fraisans
28/04 - Lyon (69) A Thou Bout d'Chant
29/04 - Lyon (69) A Thou Bout d'Chant
30/06 - Conflans (73) Musicales de Conflans
30/06 - Val Cenis (73) Scène d'été
06/07 - Montpeloux (63) Festival de Montpeloux / Volcan de Montpeloux Saillant
22/07 - Bursard (61) Hourra des Pâquerettes
02/09 - Celle L’Evescault (86) Festival Itinérance
08/09 - Sézanne (51) Festival Grange
04/11 - Veauche (42) L'escale

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