Humour musical


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2 on stage + 2 technicians

Booking : julien@diamontour.com

In agreement with Green Piste Records

With Virginie Lacour and Laurent de Carvalho
Director : Jean-Pierre Caporossi


Two artists who didn't stand a chance in the show-biz world. Creators of successful songs, they missed out on international tours, the Victoires de la Musique and even the Eurovision Song Contest.

But who are really Les Mirabelles-Kitchen? They are as annoying as they love each other and they tell you their story in a show mixing original compositions and covers... or almost!


Ideal for Theaters, Cultural Seasons, Town Halls and Humor Festival


If you like Oldelaf, Giroud and Stoz, Laurie Peret, Les Frères Jacquard...