French songs


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4 on stage + 1 technician

Booking : julien@diamontour.com

In agreement with Green Piste Records



It is today in a formula with four musicians that the band travels the roads to share its songs. Lyrics that make sense, a music that is always as energetic and warm... but also more up to date by flirting with the world of amplified music. 


One thing is certain, the pleasure of these musicians to play together is communicative! At Alkabaya, sincerity and generosity are the order of the day!





After 300 concerts and 2 albums over the last five years, Alkabaya is reinventing itself and it is now in a four-musician formula that the french band travels the roads to share its songs.


If you like Les Ogres de Barback, Tryo, Yves Jamait, Les Hurlements d'Léo, Debout sur le Zinc, Les Têtes Raides...