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Electro hip-hop


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1 on stage + 1 technician

Booking :

in agreement with La Cellule



Under pop'n'roll guitar tones, Lobster shares his little waking reveries. Melancholic or happy, the emotions are reversed and balanced, as in an appeased anger or in a silent cry. Dominated by a calm and exacerbated sweetness, her voice evolves in tones that directly attack these sound paintings.

Centered around pop influences, Lobster's music borrows from rock, jazz, funk, as well as from more modern colors, such as electro. These inspirations, coming directly from the musicians' lives, create a melodious melting pot in a singular universe.



Lobster is back in 2022 with a new EP "Find Myself . This one is conceived in a more live spirit but with always as much musical sincerity. This new opus evokes the current context and the reunions, whether they are social or personal.

If you like Parcels, L'Imperatrice, Jungle, Half Moon Run...



15.03 • BESANÇON • L'Éphéméride (Dj Set)
19.03 • ALBERTVILLE • Le Dome - L'Ouverture de Toussaint
05.04 • PONTARLIER • V and B - Sorg & Napoleon Maddox
03.05 • BESANÇON • La Rodia (Dj Set)
07.05 • ST-HERBLAIN • ONYX - L'Ouverture de Toussaint
09.05 • COUTANCES • Fest. Jazz Sous Les Pommiers - L'Ouverture de Toussaint
11.05 • AULNAY-SOUS-BOIS • Le Nouveau Cap - L'Ouverture de Toussaint
22.05 • PARIS • Scène du Canal L'Ouverture de Toussaint
23.05 • BRIANÇON • La Face B Sorg & Napoleon Maddox
24.05 • GAP • Le Gorille - Sorg & Napoleon Maddox
23.06 • AUDINCOURT • Fest. Rencontres et Racines - Sorg & Napoleon Maddox
24.07 • METABIEF • Fest. de La Paille - Sorg & Napoleon Maddox

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