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6 on stage + 1 technician

Booking :

In agreement with La Cellule



Mystical Faya is a French reggae band formed in 2007 in eastern France, initially as a "live dub" group. The group was soon joined by Loic Paulin, a young self-taught singer with a golden voice, whose talent as a songwriter and performer has been confirmed and strengthened over the years. Mystical Faya has rapidly become a fixture on the French reggae scene, with a resolutely rootsy sound faithful to the codes of this Jamaican style. The group's members are committed to respecting and perpetuating the militant, political, humanist and spiritual heritage of reggae since its birth over 60 years ago.



they were spotted back in 2014 thanks to a poignant acoustic video made by for the track "Here I Stand" from their debut album. Their audience grows with each album and musical exploration, collaborations like with Jamaican Derajah or Caledonian Marcus Gad, who share the same love for roots reggae and the same pronounced accent for spiritual themes.
As a result, the band's sound now resonates in all 4 corners of the globe.



Their latest album, "Brighters Day", was released in spring 2023.



15 février : La Rodia / Besançon (25)
7 mars : FestiGrat’s / Mieussy (74)
22 mars : Les Citrons Masqués / Yverdon (CH) 
29 mars : Le Petit Paris / Chasnans (25) 
26 avril : We Love Van Festival / Brissac (49)
27 avril : Le Noktambül / Rennes (35)
8 juin : Fest’Ailleurs / (49) 
15 juin : Ruff’Estival / Ruffey (39)
28 juin : Aluna Festival / Ruoms (07)
29 juin : Rencontres et Racines (25)
20 juillet : Zwarte Cross (NL) 
3 août : Nomade Reggae Festival / Anglefort (01) 

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