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6 on stage + 1 technician

Booking : aurelien@diamontour.com

In agreement with Odeva and Saone Music



Nadamas stands out for its extraordinary energy and its very particular way of presenting original music that draws as much from musette as from ragga, ska or even klezmer.


With a lot of humor and derision, the six friends of the band share the notes in a spontaneous conviviality to tell in simplicity songs of life and other stories of everyday life. Their wild melodies are always conducive to an unbridled show where the audience both dance and sing.





Le Festival de la Paille, Rolling Saone, Les Celtivales, Rock n’Troll, Festi’caves, SMAC La Rodia, Le Moulin de Brainans, LezArtempo, FIMU, Le Moloco, Echo System, Festival Rockalissimo, No Logo, La Commanderie de Dole...

France Bleu, RCF, RSR, France 3, Studio 3, Radio Quota...

If you like Java, Tryo, Les Ogres de Barback, La Rue Ketanou, Soviet Suprem, Zoufris Maracas...