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French songs


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3 on stage + 1 technician

Booking :

In agreement with Odeva and Comme Si De Rien



Raised by the solid and virtuoso orchestration of his two accomplices, the young Vosges overflowing with energy unleashes all the power of his words that take on the full scope of his theatrical and far-fetched interpretations. In addition to being a true writing talent, Jack Simard takes us into an intense and explosive universe on rich arrangements borrowing from all the colors of jazz.


Jack Simard's characteristic and inimitable way of living his lyrics on stage in a show brimming with raw energy that is both lively and on the edge of his skin is unanimously acclaimed wherever he is welcomed.



Before choosing to surround himself with musicians, the singer went solo to more than 500 café-concerts and festivals throughout France and Switzerland. His young but already solid orchestrated formula quickly seduced some festivals, SMAC and famous venues (Cully Jazz Festival, Festival de La Paille, Rencontres et Racines, L'Alhambra, Le Moulin de Brainans, La Rodia, Le Moloco, La Souris Verte, Théatre Edwige Feuillère, etc...) and the artist has already shared the stage with big names (Higelin, Arno, Les Ogres de Barback, Debout sur le Zinc, Matmatah, ...).


Gold Medal for Chanson Française (Switzerland) Jury and Public Prize.

2nd prize of the Young Talents 2019 Competition of the Jacques Brel Festival (Vesoul).


If you like Jacques Brel, Govrache, Yves Jamait, Georges Brassens, Alain Bashung, Jacques Dutronc...



06-01 : IGUERANDE (71) /  Espace culturel Popelin 
10-01 : EPINAL (88) / Théâtre Municipal COMPLET
04-03 : VORAY-SUR-L’OGNON (70) / Les Musicales 
17-03 : MIREBEAU-SUR-BEZE (21) 
18-03 : PHALSBOURG (57) / Le Cotylédon
25-03 : PLOMBIÈRES-LES-BAINS (88) / Les Jardins en Terrasse 
26-03 : GENÈVE (CH) / Bars en Fête + Ben Herbert Larue
30-03 : MARCELLAZ (74) / Le 648
01-04 : CONFIGNON (CH) / Chant’Grange
21-04 : PARIS / Bateau El Alamein
22-04 : SCEY-SUR-SÂONE (70) / Echo System + Invités ( Igit, Ben Herbert Larue et Baptiste Ventadour )
28-04 : AUXERRE (89) / La scène des quais
29-04 : AUXERRE (89) / La scène des quais
11-05 : ANGLET (64) / Écuries de Baroja 
03-06 : DELEMONT (CH) / La nuit de Saint-Georges 
30-06 : MONTCORBON (45) / Le Chant Des Moutons 
28-07 : MOUSTIERS-SAINTE-MARIE (04) / Le Mouton Noir 
30-07 : BARJAC (30) / Festival Barjac M’en Chante 

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