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Electro jazz hip-hop


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3 on stage + 2 technicians

Booking :

In agreement with GreenPiste & Ba Zique



Be4t Slicer is the amalgam of musicians who are experts in "sound collages". Behind their name are four people from Lille who like to chisel the sound, chop it up into small pieces and bring out the best flavors. If these adepts of sampling and electro beats of course use their machines, live they reveal a real instrumentarium. And this is the birth of a clever electro-jazz.

The band presents its first studio album "A.M.". (After Midnight): ten instrumental tracks of performances and experiments, and five bonuses... including "I Am" with Miscellaneous from the excellent hip hop duo Chill Bump (Tours). The result: a clever musical fusion and surprising sounds thanks to instruments that never fade away at the expense of the machines!



On the radio side, FIP, Campus and Férarock broadcast their titles. On the small screen, the channels CStar, MTV France and Trace Urban broadcasted the clips 5th Element, Tightrope and The Hood.


The artwork signed HB District (Sony, Live Nation).



If you like Le Peuple de l'Herbe, Zenzile, Ez3kiel, Jmpz, Fumuj, Orange Blossom


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