Club rock, pop


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3 to 4 on stage + 2 technicians

Booking : aurelien@diamontour.com

in agreement with Caesaria Prod & Nevez



Their vision can be summed up in two words: club rock. 

"When you don't fit in any box, you make one", they will tell you, and it is found between the raw riffs of rock and the frenetic loops of electro. The band is undeniably a live story. Which suits their sonic universe perfectly. 

Driven by the refusal to endure the period and the urgency to dominate it, the band manages to deal with the situation by revisiting their own works in an unplugged acoustic format: where the very soul of the songs is at stake. This unplugged work is to be understood as the answer to the previous one which announced a mastered live performance. The result is widely acclaimed by the media and the public is conquered.






For the last EP released: " Connection Loss ", the combo collaborated with Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence & the Machine, and awarded the Grammy Award Best Recording) and Christophe Pulon (1984, Colt Silvers, Lyre le Temps). He was thus able to crystallize the essence of club rock in an authentic and uncompromising writing.

The group has performed at the Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Musiques d'Ici et d'Ailleurs, Festival de la Paille and at the Laiterie - Strasbourg.

If you like Foals, Soulwax, Klaxons