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French pop


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3 on stage + 1 technician

Booking :

In agreement with Green Piste Records



The trio "Vol de nuit" creates a new-wave pop sung in French, dancing and singular, with reflections tinted by the eighties. While stirring on the wave, we find a burning and skin-deep ardour, inherited from the great English Indie-Rock scene (FOALS, Bloc Party).  Under these agitated waters hides a solitary world, where resounds the male voice of their singer, sometimes scandalized and raw, sometimes intimate and light. It tells us about the quest for oneself, between wandering and escape. Finally, Vol de nuit is a hybrid ship, sailing on the new urban pop scene (Fils Cara, Terrier, Odezenne...) off the coast of its Rock horizons. Immediate boarding!




First EP "Vie Sauvage" on July 21, 2021 

Selected for the auditions of the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2022.

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